Wusthof Classic 8″ Cook’s Knife Review (4582/20)9 min read

Wusthof Classic 8″ Cook’s Knife Review (4582/20)9 min read

November 29, 2020 0 By Vasyl

Wusthof Classic 4582/20 is an 8” chef’s knife made in Germany by a well-known Solingen-based company with a perfect reputation. This brand focuses on kitchen knives, sets, and sharpening accessories. You will find no other kitchenware in the Wusthof product line. Such a tough approach enables the manufacturer to produce magnificent high-quality blades and export them across the globe. Wuesthof Classic is a cook’s knife that combines German reliability and simplicity in its design. Created for both professional cooks and cooking enthusiasts, the Classic blade is one of the most affordable chef’s knives of premium quality. Based on my own usage experience, this Wusthof Classic review will assist you in making the right decision when considering this chef’s knife.


  • Series – Classiс
  • Blade material – molybdenum vanadium steel
  • Steel grade – X50CrMoV15
  • Type – forged
  • Blade length – 8” (20 cm)
  • Handle material – polyoxymethylene




I have been using the Wusthof Classic cook’s knife for 4 weeks and it has left an indelible impression when it comes to usage experience. As for design, my Wusthof Classic cook’s knife review may seem subjective and contain preconceived notions. The appearance of this knife, however, will unlikely capture your attention if this parameter matters for you. Wusthof Classic hardly differs from numerous knives on the market at first sight when you look at its handle. The name of the series can describe the discreet styling better than any words. 

Nevertheless, the real beauty of this knife is in its functional part. Apart from a set, Wusthof Classic 4582/20 comes with a small carton case that covers a blade and transparent plastic bag. You get nothing extra besides what you will use in your kitchen. This chef’s knife is about practicality rather than gloss and allure. Wusthof, however, developed a new packing design in 2020 to appear in most online stores most likely not sooner than 2021.

The knife looks ordinary and nice at the same time. It has no excess elements that would play a role of nothing than cutting or assisting this process. Every detail has its own destination. When I first saw this kitchen knife, I had no desire to examine it. Its blade design rather encouraged me to try it in action. Unlike the Wusthof Classic Ikon chef’s knife, Wusthof Classic doesn’t have a counterweight on the end of the handle. Perhaps, the absence of a butt and black-colored handle make the knife look refined. Its design is unisex and suitable for both men and women.

With this chef’s knife, you shouldn’t mind how it looks in your kitchen because nobody will notice it when entering the room. Inserted in a stand or even attached to a magnetic holder, this knife won’t be a part of your interior from the styling perspective. With its standard but ergonomic black handles and shiny steel elements, Wusthof Classic is just a reliable cutting and chopping tool with no decorating functions. The blade can be noticeable only for those who share your cooking grace and know a lot about high-end kitchen knives.


Cheap knives can be as sharp as expensive ones. The former ones, however, quickly lose their sharpness and have a weak cutting edge. Since a cook’s knife, also known as a French knife, is the most frequently used knife in a kitchen, a blade has to remain sharp for a long time. In addition, its cutting edge should be solid and reliable to ensure an easy and smooth cut. At the same time, a blade material should be soft enough to support manual sharpening and stay whole after falling on the floor from a cooking table. This balance between softness and hardness is what makes Wusthof Classic a suitable choice for a good price.

This knife one of the best Wusthof cook’s knives under $200 because of its excellent price-quality ratio. It’s produced from forged molybdenum-vanadium steel with the X50CrMoV15 steel grade. The Rockwell hardness scale rating is 58. Within my month-long testing period, the blade remained sharp and required no honing. I used the knife for small everyday cooking tasks which makes this Wusthof Classic chef’s knife review fair enough for home cooks. This outcome, however, may somehow differ from your particular case, for example, if you use the blade more frequently. One way or another, the knife has shown great results due to its German forged stainless steel.

Wusthof Classic 8” chef’s knife has a traditionally formed blade in the European style with the upward curved cutting edge and straight spine a bit curved downward on the tip. On the left side, it also has a brand stamp with the Wusthof logo, the name of the Classic series, model 4582/20, and “Made in Germany/Solingen” label saying a lot about not only the place of origin but also its quality. Solingen is a German city with numerous famous cutlery manufacturers located there. They also include Victorinox, Zwilling, Dovo, and more.

Slicing and chopping with the Wusthof Classic chef’s knife is an easy, smooth, and pleasurable process. It’s suitable for chopping any food: meat, fish, vegetables, and fruits. When cutting products with this blade, you just enjoy the process without paying attention to how it looks in your hands while it perfectly fits them. The blade has a length of 8”(20 cm) and a width of 1.6” wide (4.7 cm). The knife weighs about 0.6 lbs. (268 g), so it feels quite heavy in a hand. This may become a disappointing fact for women. Although, this weight is normal for forged blades.

The form of the blade can cause some inconveniences for those who prefer a rock chop cutting technique. When keeping a tip of the knife down on the board, you can’t use the whole length of the cutting edge since a knife heel is part of a bolster. Wusthof Classic has a full-tang blade which increases the overall knife hardness. Moreover, the blade is made from a single metallic brick which makes it more solid and resistant.


The Wusthof Classic cook’s knife has a full-length bolster. This simple thickening between the blade and handle has 3 functions at the time:

  • making the knife well-balanced, thus ensuring the comfort of the cutting process without getting cool’s hand tired
  • protecting fingers from traumas while chopping and slicing
  • keeping the handle clean from product odds and ends while cutting, thus ensuring a firm and reliable grip. 

Once you take this knife in your hand, you will notice how huge the bolster is. It spreads from the spine to the bottom of the heel. Its protective feature, however, may be useless for those who prefer a claw grip since your index finger lays on the blade belly right behind the bolster. Nevertheless, the adequate balance allows you to work with this knife for hours without feeling any discomfort in your hand regardless of the knife’s large weight. Despite its size, the bolster creates no inconvenience with almost any grip or cutting technique.


The handle of the 8” Wusthof Classic Ikon is made of polyoxymethylene. Compared to polypropylene, which is a simpler plastic typically used in cheaper knives, the most delightful characteristic of polyoxymethylene is that it prevents the handle from slipping in a wet hand. Thus, it guarantees the knife will slip out of your hand while cutting which can be very extremely dangerous for such a sharp and heavy knife. I’ve tested this feature with my hands wet and it really works. Although, I can’t imagine the situation when you’re so desperate to chop products with wet hands. That’s why this advantage is doubtful. Polyoxymethylene, however, provides more tactical pleasure and feels more honorable.

The black plastic handle pads are attached with 3 steel rivets unfelt by touch since they form a smooth surface along the overall length of the handle. It has a traditional shape with special recesses for a comfort grip. Without a counterweight on the handle, the knife may seem too heavy in the hand because its blade feels to weigh significantly more than the handle. On the left side, it has a red logo imaged on a sticker. 


This Wusthof Classic chef’s knife review can’t be complete without some words about its price. Since this knife belongs to professional kitchen knives, it cannot be cheap. However, this modest design and focus on functionality rather than appearance make it more affordable than other forged Wusthof blades. You can buy it for about $160 excluding a delivery cost. This is a fair price for high-quality stainless steel, full-length bolster, and 200-years brand history. 

Pros and Cons

㊉ Advantages

  • The wide blade is suitable for cutting and chopping all kinds of products
  • The blade keeps the sharpness for a long time.
  • The 8” long blade is a handy tool in your kitchen.
  • The handle is made of a special non-slip plastic.
  • The blade is made of X50CrMoV15 steel brick with a hardness of 58 HRC which provides a reliable cutting edge and easy honing.
  • Affordable price

㊀ Disadvantages

  • The soft cutting edge makes Wusthof Classic Ikon chef’s knife unsuitable for chopping bones.
  • Not dishwasher safe.
  • A full-length bolster makes it impossible to fully use the knife heel for chopping.


When you have a limited budget, you have to sacrifice something. When it comes to kitchen knives. you have 3 options: sacrificing quality in favor of design, getting both mediocre design and quality, or you can get a high-quality blade with a poor design. Wusthof Classic symbolizes the latter choice which is, to my mind, the best alternative when you need an effective instrument rather than an interior element. Wusthof Classic 4582/20 is a good choice for both professional kitchens and home cooks when you understand what you need rather than just want a cool chef’s knife.