Is a Knife a Bad Gift for Christmas?4 min read

Is a Knife a Bad Gift for Christmas?4 min read

December 9, 2020 0 By Vasyl

Giving a gift is always exciting. What even more exciting is choosing a gift, thinking about what would surprise the person you will give it to. You may pick between tens of different options trying to come up with something special that would convey your feeling in the most accurate manner. Besides, there’s another barrier that can make finding the best present even harder. It’s superstitions. These irrational abject attitudes of mind can both turn this task into an unsolvable problem or even destroy your relationship since your sincerest striving can be misunderstood. One of them is a belief that a knife is a bad gift for either Christmas or a wedding day.


Superstitions are known from ancient times or even earlier. Many ages ago, people were not that good in science and causality, while they still needed to explain those events they couldn’t explain with their knowledge. That’s why they interpreted natural phenomena and unforecastable consequences with their beliefs. This just made a life clear and less terrifying. The word “superstition” was first used in the 15-th century even though it had been borrowed from “superstitio”. Since that period, this term has still been there.

“She’s into superstitions:

Black cats and voodoo dolls”.

Ricky Martin, Livin’ La Vida Loca

Despite the impressive development of science and technology. Many people still believe in superstitions. Furthermore, the number of such people is continuously growing. In 2000, a global analytics and advice firm called Gallup presented research saying that one in four Americans were superstitious. Only 11% of respondents of Gallup’s survey believed that breaking a mirror could lead to bad luck. 19 years later, Statista published a report showing that 23% believed in the same superstition. Being superstitious depends on gender and age. The latest data from scientists Richard Wiseman and Caroline Watt shows that the younger a person is the more superstitious he or she is while women are more superstitious than men. This information can help you understand the chance of your gift getting misunderstood by another person because of one’s beliefs.

Is a Knife a Bad Gift?

According to superstition, giving a knife as a present symbolizes cutting ties between a giver and recipient. These ties include friendship, business partnership, or a romantic relationship. That is why giving a knife as a gift for a wedding day is said to be one of the most undesirable types of presents. In other words, presenting knives or knife sets can mean that a giver wishes a marrying couple to break up soon. Is it bad luck to give a knife as a gift for Christmas too? Humans adore making things more complicated that’s why they created one trick to bypass their own obstacle.

“What if we disguise a gift as a purchase? That should work!”. A common sign telling to all that you treat a knife you give as just a cutlery item, not the end of your relationship or curse is taping a penny to a knife package. This penny is meant to be returned to a giver, thus symbolizing a purchase rather than a gift. It’s like using a fake seatbelt buckle to disable a car ding instead of fastening a seat belt to save your life. Does it make any sense?

Look at a knife as a gift from another point of view. It is an extremely useful thing for any house. We use kitchen knives every day and they make our lives easier which makes them as great gifts as books, smartphones, or anything else. High-quality knives can last for decades and will remind a person about a giver during the whole term of service. Isn’t it what gifts are meant to do – be useful, convey the giver’s attitude towards a recipient, and remind about a person who has given this gift?

If you’re afraid of being misunderstood when presenting a knife, you can explain to a recipient what you really mean by giving it. You can say it personally or attach a greeting card if you send your gift via a delivery service. Is it bad luck to give knives as a gift for the wedding day, Birthday, or Christmas? It depends on what you believe in. What you definitely shouldn’t do is taping a penny to a package. This will split on your neurosis.